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Afan Forest : Route

Afan Argoed Forest Park is about 5 miles North East of Port Talbot on the A4107. It should take less than two and a half hours from Slough. There's a top visitor centre with a large cafe and some of the best single track in South Wales. Get up early and go for it!

Video of the best downhill

Local Guest House

Brecon Beacons Camping

Go straight across the road from the visitor centre. Go left and then right across bridge then turn left straight after. Take first right up switchback climb up, with view of visitor centre across the valley to your right. Take first left switchback turn up grassy earth double track possibly muddy middle. After 1.3 miles you will see a loose rocky climb straight ahead. Go up here then turn right at the top with the sheep farm to your left. A long climb leads to a wide junction. Turn left then bear immediately right on to shale road with valley view to your right again.

3.4 miles right turn on to another shale/rock road with rutted bend. Along rocky fire road switch backs at top speed, a final left bend brings a spectacular view of the valley again on your right.
Take right turn on to single track soon after (marked with a wooden post with a black footprint sign (it is ok to ride down this, try to stay of paths marked with a red cycle crossed out) Follow single track down and around right hairpin (steep) then along possibly boggy section to junction with wide trail at the bottom. Continue (right) along shale road. 

5.3 miles look for a narrow single track back fork to the left (currently fly tipped!) about 200 yards up this climb. This goes down through the young tree growth then hairpins right and shortly after turns left and splits (take your pick) to drop on to flat area. 

Go over the metal double gate along earth double track following the river valley. This turns in to a narrow sheep track (aren't sheep brilliant?) over rock steps then after several hundred yards goes right through a single gate.

left on to old railway double track (view of houses across valley to your left) after passing between the columns of a collapsed stone bridge turn left on trail marked with three posts (one bears a green 3K marker) bear right on narrow double track following the course of the river to your left. Joins another trail at blue arrow post, turn left here and go back across the wooden bridge over the river. The trail leads up under the road bridge (currently under repair) go under here and turn right. As you begin this climb look on the hillside to your left, you'll see a single track which will be the finish of the ride. Continue up this climb to:

9.56 miles this long winding climb leads to a large crossroads. Turn left here and follow up on to the moor top. 
10.3 miles forest road bends left go right along a narrow straight trail across the open moor. This 400 yard trail leads out on to another forest road. Go straight on here, heading for the line of trees. Just before the line of trees turn right down double track descent. This turns left and joins another fire road at the bottom. Bear left and follow round left sweeping turn. > next page

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