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Coed Trallwm is a new riding centre,  go soon before it loses it's special shine. A solid ride in the Winter,  the scenery is a real bonus on a sunny day.

Total distance 12Km: Landranger 200 Llandrindod Wells & Elan Valley.

There is a trail which links Coed Trallwm to the network at Llandindrod Wells to make up rides as long as you like.

Trail Map

Where is Coed Trallwm?


Infant trails
There's a new riding area in Wales with hand built trails opening soon but the main route is posted and ready to ride now. Coed Trallwm is still in it's infancy but already offers a lot for the weekend visitor. We (the MTB Britain riders) find ourselves sometimes wistful and are given to sad reminiscing about 'The good old days'. True there are more miles of singletrack open than ever and technology has transformed the performance of our bikes. But some trails have changed out of all recognition from their beginnings: and they're not necessarily a better ride for it.

Hound of the Baskervilles
We're left longing to ride those sunlit, magical trails of rides gone by. At Trallwm I think we found some of the old magic, get yours before it's too late. If you do go now be warned there are as yet no facilities, visitor centre or car park charges! There is a small car park and further parking along the side of the forest road heading up from there. You can download a map from here there are post markers on the route and that's about it for now. Our guide on the day was Will Johnson, as he built the trails it's fair to say there is none better. We were accompanied by Will's faithful Alsatian (OK, faithless local ex-sheep worrier, now reformed). It's become de-rigueur to do the occasional ride with a hound leading and who are we to bust up the trend?

Floaty light feeling
The route begins on an easy section of trail dropping down from the car park and then following the edge of the stream for a few hundred yards. 

Ford the stream and the climb begins but it's not too tough and soon rewards you with a swift descent and some sweet jumps that will have the most grounded of riders a little weightless - without breaking bikes. A first-class warm up under your belts and the next climb is more serious. Soon turning on to a wide forest road for a well paced grind up to a spectacular wilderness view.

Dog days
On the day it was hot in the shade and this was full midday sun, we were suffering and Will's dog took every opportunity for a dip in the local pools, except these were more often local bogs. We soon christened it Bog-Dog as it ran streaming and rank from another trailside sump, no more friendly pats for you. A narrow single along the edge of the forest turns right and cutting the corner of the wood you pop out to the best little trail section we've seen in a while. As this section of the route forms part of the technical Black Trail it's scarily close to the steep mountainside before arcing back in to the tree cover for some banked turns.

These aren't flat in the by now loathed 'water run off' fashion, they dip downhill at the exit helping your acceleration and that roller coaster feel, bliss. All too soon this little romp ends with a narrow and tasty serpentine above a small quarry hole, fine ending that. Across the fire road and the pace quickens with a not too smooth doubletrack showing off our full suspension capability, then a right single fork fades suddenly and scarily with the speed we'd gathered - slide Charlie Brown slide! Good job we managed to slow as the gradient increases and the surface loosens for a locked out panic down to a sudden meeting with a flat ninety right hander, we didn't quite make it but staying upright was good enough for me.

Box clever
Ziging on to another steep double for a hundred yards, we took the right hand edge to avoid the loose shale and then made the tricky turn around a tree on to the next single. Soon after you drop back in to the car park so it's a good idea to have a cool box and some supplies in the boot, we certainly did. Off next on the Red Trail this has some great fast singletrack and a few sand sections that will seriously challenge your handling, don't brake hard or you will stack. At the end of one long speeder bike zip-along trail is a rocky water splash, which is a total blast and pretty scary at the rate of knots we had gathered.
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