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The Editors Blurb
So this is MTB Britain. A site designed by hard riders for even harder riders. A site that will feature the best single track in the UK or your money back. OK so it's a free site but the single track is still brilliant. The rides featured here are mostly for the dedicated MTB nut. We like to go on long rides with as many of the best downhill's strung together as humanly possible. These are rides worth driving to, even from hundreds of miles away. 

In contrast to the routes which are mostly not for beginners, we have an extensive beginners tips section which should help get you up to scratch on the mountain. More experienced riders should find some things they haven't seen before too.

Check out the Rhayader Round and full screen pictures and dream of next Summer.


If you want to know what the best mountain bike components are see the MTB Britain Component Awards This is the kit that can go the distance.

Mountain Bike Britain is looking for more contributors. Do you like to write for no money now, and no money later? Then you could be just the writer we're looking for! e-mail me at: Actually there may be some money in it one day... depends on whether our readers like the site enough.

Don't forget that all the photo's in the ride guides are links to a big version of the picture and a description of what's happening. We're adding text only versions of all the routes to make them easy to print and take with you. Look out for the text only print icon:

Check out the article on a monster ride in the black mountains Black Mountain Blast but we warn you it's a toughie.

No e-mail addresses are ever passed on. We hate that when it happens to us and so should you. I do need people to e-mail me and say what they think about the site. Does it load fast enough, which parts do you like best and above all what do you think of the rides when you've ridden them?