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Egg Beater Pedals Review

Crank Brothers Egg Beaters SL £50 Merlin Cycles  click here

Star Rating

Small, but perfectly formed.

There are two first reactions most mountain bikers have to the Egg Beaters, “They’re a bit like Time ATACs” and “Are you supposed to be able to stand on those little things?”. These reactions are reasonable enough based on appearance alone, but in this case appearances are deceptive. The Egg Beaters do have something in common with Time ATACs, the binding and release mechanisms are not dependant on spring tension. This means no fiddling about with four separate tension adjusters. They’re also immune to fouling with mud and even work in snow and ice. Despite their small size, the wide cleat spreads your weight over more pedal than most non-platform clipless pedals. The pedals are constructed from high grade stainless steel and need almost no maintenance. If you do ever need to re-grease them they can be serviced with only an Allen key and snap ring pliers. Clipping in is accompanied by a very positive click, nice to know you’re securely attached. It does require a toe first approach though and isn’t simply a case of ‘waiting to drop in to place’. It is also possible to clip in by sliding your foot backwards, but this is only occasionally useful.

No lock-ins
We were very impressed by the stability of the pedal whilst standing un-clipped. The larger flat surface of ATACs seems to serve only as somewhere to slip about on, whilst hunting for engagement in the pedals locking mechanism.
Clipping out is smooth and predictable, swapping the cleats left to right changes the release angle between 15 and 20 degrees, we preferred the 15 degree option. Time ATAC owners will have an easy transition to the Egg Beaters, clipping in and out are quite similar with the nod going to the Egg Beaters on this score.

Those riders used to SPD will find the transition more of a learning curve. The same riders will notice a distinct lack of being ‘locked out’, when your descent is slowed to a frustrating crawl whilst you vainly attempt to stamp or screw your way in to your pedals. In the same vein the dreaded ‘lock in’ is consigned to history, this dangerous SPD related condition should have prompted a product recall on many pedal designs.

One spring, four sides
The Crank Brothers designers realised that only one spring was needed as opposed to the two inside Time ATACs and other clipless pedals. The real leap of ingenuity was the way the design allows four sided entry, one spring, four sides, now that’s smart thinking. With most mountain bike parts you have to sacrifice either performance, longevity or both to get a major weight saving. The excellent design of the Egg Beaters means you really can have your cake and eat it.
Egg Beaters are very strong. Time ATACs have weaker steel cleat retention bars and my last pair survived four years of the hardest rock beatings out there. We have these pedals on long term test, they've got on to the new MTB Britain Freeride bike and they'll get thrashed. We'll add updates to this review to let you know how they get on.

Cleats are similar to ATACs

Pedal weight comparison
Egg Beaters = 280g
Shimano PD M536 = 460g
Top of the range M858 = 370g
Imported by Raleigh Tel. 0115 942 0202 so should be able to be ordered from your local Raleigh dealer.

Egg Beaters Q & A
Q: How much float do the Egg Beaters have?
Ans: 6 degrees.
Q. Can I use an Allen Key to attach them?
Ans. The pedals have a 6mm Allen (Hex) and 15mm pedal spanner flats.
Q. What Warranty do the company offer?
Ans. Crank Brothers have a 2 year Warranty against defects of workmanship.
Q. The pedals are light, but are the cleats heavy?
Ans. The Egg Beaters cleats are similar in size and weight to Time ATACs and SPDs
Q. Do the pedals need regular lubricating?
Ans. No. The outsides of the pedals don’t need oiling. The inside can be removed and re-greased when eventually needed, with snap ring pliers, a 2.5mm Allen (Hex) key and a small flat bladed screwdriver.

6 Month Update
Impressions are still much the same. We're not changing back to ATACs! The pedals seem to have a slightly smoother/easier clip in now, we think this is down to wear of the relatively soft brass cleat.

Egg Beaters on the new MTB Britain project bike.

Crank Brothers Website

Got any more Egg Beater questions? e-mail the Editor at

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