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entry Oct 26 2009, 04:47 AM
Well, here she is in all her glory.......

There didn't seem to be any point adding step-by-step build pictures as it all happened pretty quickly to be honest. It was actually very straightforward, just a case of bolting the new bits on.

Sadly though, it's far from complete.

The more Eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that the seatpost is a tad too long, as is the chain, and I haven't even trimmed the innertube from the ghetto tubeless conversion on the back wheel.
It was just thrown together so I could at least get a quick spin on it before returning it to the the LBS.........

I spent a very long time trying to work out where the cables ran. Finally, after checking out some pictures on t' interweb, the penny dropped that a plastic cable guide that should be under the BB has broken off, leaving a sheared off bolt in the hole.
Also, the shock seems to be shot to bits. I pumped it to 150psi before it went in to the LBS, but it was pretty much completely flat when it came back.
I reinflated it for a quick test ride, and even after pumping it to 200psi, the rear feels saggy and the pedal bob is horrendous.
It may just be the air seals, but there is quite a big scrape on the piston/stanchion that is through to bare metal so I doubt that any service company will overhaul it without replacing that, which might not be economically viable.
Oh, and the brakes are pants and even my Ghetto conversion is leaking badly despite adding foam tape......

So, it's back to the LBS later to ask if they'll repair and finish it for me. I then need to work out the budget and see what my options are for the rear shock and the brakes.

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post Oct 29 2009, 10:40 AM
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Oh dear - doesn't sound like you're having too much luck with the build dry.gif

Try putting up a 'wanted' on the STW classifieds for 'very cheap but working' shock and brakes....you never know your luck pray.gif
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post Oct 29 2009, 05:50 PM
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Thanks LGB, all support is appreciated biggrin.gif

I now have the bike back, it cost less than I though to have it sorted out which is one good thing stupidlyhappy.gif

Downside is that the ghetto conversion hasn't worked on these rims (I can worry about that later though.)

The shock is definately in a bad way, but I've decided to get it PUSH tuned.
It sounds crazy throwing even more cash at this but it seems kind of logical, in that as I'm close to completion, I may as well get it done properly. The PUSH rebuild isn't that expensive in the big scheme of things and at least then it'll be set up properly for me.
My worry with buying 2nd hard parts (after my experience with this one) is that I may end up with more ropey bits. I'm going to stick either to new components or just buy off people I trust (MTBB forumers)

As for brakes, I think they're workable. They definately don't have much power but maybe a change of fluid will improve them a bit. Once the shock is sorted out at least I'll be able to give the bike a tester and see if the brakes need doing now or later.
Ultimately I'd like as much power as the Juicy 5's on my HT give me cool.gif but in the meantime I'll settle for being able to avoid the worst impacts biggrin.gif


Chris smile.gif

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