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entry Nov 23 2009, 08:32 AM
Well, sort of rolleyes.gif

Heard about a new venue, which is local-ish. It's a small wood which has a few dirt jumps (mostly small doubles) and a few, very short "downhill" runs with berms and jumps dug over fallen trees etc.

Anyway, went there early sunday morning and it's pretty good biggrin.gif
Ok, I can't do the doubles (I need to practice on tabletops) and a lot of the runs are very scrappy and there are holes everywhere, but it's perfect to practice on.
I found one good practice jump, which is riding round the outside of a section of successive, very small doubles (in itself a little tricky!) on a steep downhill section which then crosses a raised path and gets you airborne.
My best jump was about 8' (long, not high) but I got a bit of air and it was nice and controlled. stupidlyhappy.gif

There's also another small section that has a small, but fearsome looking drop on another steep downhill section. Even my riding buddy agreed it was tricky and had to roll it a few times before taking it at any speed.
I took it by pushing the bike forward hard and sitting over the back wheel just as the bike rolled over it which seemed to work pretty well biggrin.gif

Only dissapointing thing was that I bottled a jump at the end.
It was another one off of a fallen tree, and a pathetically small one at that. I'm not really sure why, either. It was at the end of the session, and we'd been there for nearly three hours so I put it down to loosing concentration and thought I'd quit whilst ahead.
I did try rolling it, which was fine, but the chainring clumped it on the way over and that was it for me.
It's especially frustrating as I'd decided a couple of rides ago not to ever bottle anything again. It was following my refusal to try a steep drop at Blean and the frustration afterwards of not doing it outweighed any discomfort that would've resulted if I had fallen off trying it.
Ok, some things I can't and won't do (doubles for example) but anything else I've promised myself I'll have a go at if it's something I know I can do and it's just the inner demons stopping me.
I'll nail the bugger next time........

Anyway, here's a pic of my HT in "jump mode." biggrin.gif

I've taken off the rear mud guard and the bar ends, and replaced the grips with Odi Rogues. They're really good agree.gif
Looks a lot better too and it's important to have a bit of pride in your steed cool.gif

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