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entry Aug 25 2008, 11:49 AM
The SRAM chain has now been replaced by a KMC X9 and i've already noticed how much stronger it feels just by the massive effort required to remove a pin to shorten it. I genuinely thought the chain tool on my multi-tool was going to break.

The new chain got it's first proper run at Swinley this Saturday on a ride with Andy (DrBike), Chris and Max (Sinful Hedgehog) and it felt lovely and smooth on the gear changes so fingers crossed problem sorted.

It seemed like an age since I was at Swinley and by the time I got there at 8.40 it already seemed pretty busy in the car-park (that's Bank Holidays for you). Max was running late so we decided to do a short ride and get back to the car-park to meet him. Five minutes into the ride and we started to wonder what the click-click sound was that seemed to be coming from Andy. A bit of a look see and it turned out to be the spring between Andy's brake pads had gone and got itself into the disc. Half an hour later (yes, half an hour - due to the brake pistons not wanting to withdraw back into the caliper making trying to slide the pad sandwich in place a particularly frustrating exercise), Max had arrived and we were off.

The trails were nice and dry apart from the odd gloopy patch to take you by surprise every so often. But for me, everything seemed to flow really nicely, much better than some of my more recent rides. It's great that when you can get the trails to work for you, the increased speed you get gives you that bit more momentum to push you up the climbs making everything seem sooooo much easier. In particular Babymaker and the Labyrinth felt absolutely great and even the Corkscrew which has thrown me a couple of times worked out just fine.

We probably could have ridden for a good bit longer but everybody needed to get back for various non-mtb duties so it was soon time to load the bike back up and head off. Not even time for a bacon buttie.......

Can't wait to get back to Swinley again soon (whenever that might be.....)

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post Aug 26 2008, 04:29 AM
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Sounds like you had a good ride Marc smile.gif

Nice when it all comes together aint it?
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post Aug 26 2008, 08:09 PM
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If I don't get that brake looked at before the weekend I'll have to dig out the 'goose. Although I don't think that we fixed the problem, but it seemed to get a bit better.

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