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entry Nov 4 2009, 04:02 PM
Thought I had better update my blog so as a starting point i've flicked back to my previous to-do list to see where I stand...

Buy a new pair of gloves before next winter.
Unbelievably my 661 gloves are still going strong so they get a big thumbs up (after the disaster that was the Kona ones - fell to pieces in a very short period of time). There not winter gloves admitedly and I do end up with small blocks of ice for fingers if its really cold but my recession busting solution to this is to wear some thin wool gloves (that I already had) underneath.

I've also been sporting some 661 Kyle Strait knee pads this year and again they have performed admirably for the sort of riding I do. OK so knees can get a tad warm on a hot summers day but to honest your going to suffer that with most pads from what I can see. I've not gone so far as a few of my riding buddies and opted for shin protection despite ripping three holes in my shin following a 'comedy' slippage on my DMR pedals.

What I do need to buy now is that waterproof jacket that I've been promising myself....

Buy some new riding shorts before mine completely fall to pieces (it appears my thighs rub off the saddle a hell of a lot!)
Can't complain about my 3/4 length Endura's which I bought earlier in the year so much so I got a pair of the standard length ones to reduce the amount of cycle kit washing cycles!

Make good use of my Swinley annual pass.
Since Feb 2008 i've ridden at Swinley 23 times (280 miles) so I think i've managed that more than adequately. Still love the place though.

Arrange a Forum ride in May/June in the Surrey Hills (Holmbury and Pitch).
Done a few of these now and will probably arrange another in the next few weeks possibly covering the three lumps (Holmbury, Pitch and Leith).

Try to get to South Wales
May was the month that a few of us set off to Afan for a few days riding arranged by the esteemed Dr Bike. Despite the extremely soggy conditions (not helped by my very un-waterproof waterproof) that we were presented with, this marked the highlight of my 2009 riding year. Great riding with great mates.

Work harder on my basic skills.
Still working hard..... My new mantra (from Richard Kelly of All Bike Up and the new IMB magazine Technique Guru) is 'Head Up, Heals Down, Hips Back' which is far better than my previous 'Don't fall off, don't fall off, f#Łk I did!'

Try some more riding on the South Downs
Not managed anything this year but of course there is still time. think.gif

Start riding clipless pedals.
Tick....and I am currently suffering all the embarassing unplanned dismounts and sideways flops. Persevering though and slowly rebuilding my confidence. If all else fails my five-ten shoes and DMR's are cleaned, greased and ready to go smile.gif

Think some more about doing the Pass'Portes du Soleil.
As before......A dream at the moment. sad.gif

The recession put me in the position of having to commute up to the big smoke for a large proportion of the year which in turn left me too knackered (and late home) to get my usual cheeky evening rides in for much of the summer. On top of this my trusty stead suffered a serious of costly mechanicals compounded by some incompetence on the part of one of my LBS's. Still, the lights are charged up ready to go and so let the winter mtb season begin.... stupidlyhappy.gif

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post Nov 6 2009, 05:00 PM
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I can confirm that the Gore Alp-X II really does the job. It worked a treat at the weekend.

I think that I also need to worry less about the riding in Wales, but for some reason whenever I go there I'm never in a 100% right mental state.

I'm not really a lists person (maybe I should be), but one I can tick of for this year is developing my maintenance skills.

Dr Bike takes no responsibility for damaged limbs or failed relationships as the result of his advice.

Make something idiot proof, and someone somewhere will make a better idiot.
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post Nov 6 2009, 09:40 PM
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QUOTE(DrBike @ Nov 6 2009, 05:00 PM)
I'm not really a lists person (maybe I should be), but one I can tick of for this year is developing my maintenance skills.

For building up your own bike, I would say that you get a very large tick and two housepoints too smile.gif

WD40 is for spraying onto things that you think you should be performing some kind of maintenance on but have no clue where to start or what to do.
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