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entry Jul 6 2009, 10:32 AM
Saturday was spent building up the new bits on to my bike, sadly the forks hadn't arrived in time, according to the online tracking they were received by customs at 5.30 on friday afternoon so fingers crossed they let them through and they will arrive this week.

Anyhow, Saturday was spent fitting new 9 speed kit and Hayes Nine brakes plus a few little bits of gunsmoke hope bling ( seat clamp and skewers. Or at least I fitted the cassette, and the hope bits and made coffee - Alex did the rest wub.gif

So come Sunday I was itching to try out all the new kit though we both agreed that were getting abit bored of the malverns and that wales was still out of bounds till my new forks are fitted so we decided to take a trip up to Cannock to do the Follow the Dog trail. I've never been up there before and Alex hadn't been for over a year.

It was ace stupidlyhappy.gif had an absolutely wicked time all that twisty turn single track was heaven and so nice not to have much climbing to do although some of the bits that were up on that loose sandy gravel were nasty sneaky.gif I think my favorite bit was section 13 (you turn right onto it just as you reach marquis drive) both Alex and I popped out of the end of that really fast descent grinning from ear to ear despite having to negotiate some poor family that had obviously got lost from the family trail, mum was stood gingerly trying to walk round the edge of one of the berms just as I came flying round the corner and nearly straight into the back of her!!

All in all I had a great time, only bottled one little bit at the end of one of the sections were you came up a little slope and then down a load of logs on the other side, had a few runs at it and was nearly there but just didnt quite have the confidence to do it - a few more goes and I recon I'd have come down it but Alex persuaded me to leave it for another day... rolleyes.gif Had a few near misses with trees on one of the really tight sections of single track - wide bars really aren't an advantage round there!!! Including one comedy moment were I missed judged the gaps between the trees, panicked and grabbed at the front brake forgetting I now had much more braking power and if it hadnt had been for the relatively slow speed would have gone flying over the bars into the tree - as it was I ended up jumping off and smacking my shoulder into said tree tongue.gif

All in all had a wicked time, can't wait for new forks to be fitted now - my wrists and shoulders are aching some what today, if having rubbish really stiff forks teaches you one thing its to relax you arms and shoulders!!!

Picture of bike following fitting of hayes nine brakes, sram 9 speed shifters, new sram 9 speed cassette and chain, hope skewers and seat clamp in gunsmoke - just got to get rid of those damn forks and make my mind up as to what color stem to choose, white, black or a hope gunsmoke one.....

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