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entry Oct 21 2009, 03:49 PM
Went to Afan on Monday with the OH and 5 others from the malvern group. I was feeling a bit rubbish anyway as had what felt like the start of somebodies man flu.

The climb up didn't feel to bad but the rocks are hard work, thought I'd bust the bike at one point after hearing a wooden twang and a metal twing as I put a bit of extra pressure through the pedals getting over a rocky section - couldn't see any obvious damage so carried on.

At the point were whites level and W2 split me and the OH carried on the whites level and the others went on to do W2 - T

Them table tops are completely mad!!!! Not quite sure how I made it to the top of them all but did some how!! Completely crazy and terrifying riding as fast as you can at a vertical wall of earth and stone but finding yourself on the top leaves you with a crazy grin on your face!!

Shortly after the table tops I'm riding along and starting hearing a metal ting, ting, ting sound - oh uh whats that??! Stoped to find my granny ring hanging loose after 3 of the 5 bolts have some how worked there way out and fallen off disgusted.gif

Managed to find two of the bolts around where the sound had started but think I must have some how "lost" the first one back when I heard the metal/wooden twang twing noise. Secured the granny ring back in but as it is now minus a bolt I'm reluctant to use it - great half way round Afan with now granny ring feeling tired and now cold and rubbish after hanging about looking for stupid bolts - that will teach me to check the bike properly before a ride.

Carry on having lost what little mojo I did have resulting in me point blank refusing to ride over the board walk sections - don't like the edges/drops. Eventually make it back round to the final down hill with some tlc and nourishment courtesy of the OH wub.gif

So started off down the final descent a bit tentatively and very much aware of being a passenger rather than actually riding the bike. This improves abit after a couple of hary moments coming off things without keeping my weight back. So make it to the very last corner before the end, don't quite make it round said corner but on seeing the rock drop offs after the corner decide that they look quite ridable and start rolling towards them......

I somehow make it down the first drop but by this point I'm going way to slowly and dont even attempt to get my weight back come off the second one, plant the front wheel at the bottom of the drop which then completely looses what little forward motion it had by getting caught on the lip of another slab of rock so end up going straight over the bars smack into the rocks and just to complete the manover some how manage to flip the bike up and over so it then lands on top of me wacko.gif
So I'm no lying face down on the rocks with the bike still somehow tangled in my legs and lying across my back - help, somebody, I'm stuck!!!

Luckily the OH was stood at the bottom of the trail and saw my back wheel go up in the air so came running to the rescue and I somehow managed to escape with just a very bruised and swollen squished little finger, bruised and cut arms, elbows, knees and thighs - oh and a rather bruised confidence.

Despite being somewhat bravado about the whole experience I was decidedly reluctant just to ride off the curb back into the car park so think the confidence has been somewhat dented.

Still a few important lessons learned, dont ride too slowly and keep you weight back off drops, dont ride things when you know you arent at your best/too tired and always check your bike properly before riding don't rely on the boyfriend doing it for you icon_redface.gif

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