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entry Jan 17 2009, 04:25 PM
It seems like im probably going to be needing a new set of pedals soon as my DMR v12mags are starting to get and look pretty worse for ware sad.gif . Primarly im pretty sure the bearings are on there last legs as both left and right hand pedals make an ugly grinding noise when spun without weight on them. Normally this wouldnt be much of a probably as DMR v12 are cartridge bearings so it would just be a matter of knocking out the old ones and replacing them with some nice shiny new ones, that is if it wasnt for problem number two... Well through a mixture of terrible technique and Olga's lowish bottom bracket i have been suffering alot of pedal strikes, as result of this I have lost a large number of pins from each pedal which again wouldnt be a problem if the missing pins hadnt also ripped out part of the pedal they are threaded into also ohmy.gif. So as a result I'm going to be needing some new pedals and im currently mulling over my options which are

Atomlab aircorp

Weight - 520g

These look beautifully thin which would hopefully reduce role over when changing down 36t to 22t at the front and also the pins screw in from the opposite side of the pedal so they should be far harder to lose/rip out on pedal stikes

early version supposdely quickly developed play in the bushing and also there heavier than my current v12 mags

NC-17 SUD Pin III S-Pro

Weight - 388g

Come in white(matches olga), lighter than my current v12 mags, pins screw in from the opposite side of the pedal

no reviews and reliabilty and spare parts are an unkown

NS Bikes Aeria

Weight - 400g

pros and cons are pretty much the same as the NC-17 but i dont quite think they look as pretty

descisions descions think.gif

Thursday at glentress thankfully i was fit and healthy and could pedal up all the hills without stopping unlike the previous time but i did feel that i was some what still struggleing compared to normal, today i think i discovered just why. Out of curosity i went to maxxis website to find out just how heavy the Minion 2.5 dual ply 42A tires olga is currently shod are really. It turns out that they are 1.38kg i know they are heavy tires but i didnt realise that they were that heavy. What makes it seem even worse is fact that my normal tires are continental mountain kings 2.4 which are only 670g each mellow.gif . So as a result ive somewhat untentional added over half a kilogram to each wheel, no wonder she feels slow and sluggish going up hill. So ive came to the concluesion that I shall keep them on for now and will persaveer until after snowdon and my few days at cwm carn as i dont fancy repairing a puncture stuck up a mountain in the rain. After that I shall take them off and hang them up for DH use and swop between them and my normal conti mk's depending on the riding, thankfully ex823 rims makes setting up tubeless rather simple and idiot proof smile.gif

Anyway thats todays musing and shall not mangle the english language any longer tongue.gif

entry Jan 11 2009, 09:27 PM
Even though ive been on this forum for awhile now I dont think i ever interduced myself so since im starting a blog i may aswell do so now.....

Well as few of you will know my name is Andrew and im from a place called greenock which is roughly 30miles west of glasgow. Fortunately for me im not short of hills near where i live though to be honest alot of the trails are pretty boring smooth affairs which are good for fittness and XC folk but i find pretty boring. So it's lucky for me glentress and innerliethen are only an hour 30mins away so i try to get there atleast a few times every mounth stupidlyhappy.gif Riding wise i far prefer going downhills as opposed to going up them and i really like jumps and drops also though i do have a pet hate of roots(drumlanrig has a lot to answer for dizzy.gif ) and northshore(i dont like heights and always feel like im going to fall off it). My bike like my prefered style of riding is fairly downhill focused Commencal meta666 which i like to nick name Olga as she is a commie and weighs as much as female russian shot putter but i absolutly love her forgiving nature wub.gif

Though before olga i had what i like to call the "Mad Max" which was probably the most pimped railegh max know to man laugh.gif now i know it bad idea but it did get me started and it was fun finding out just how bad it was during my first real adventure around the 7 stanes with the saint,pikie and david hunt.

Hopefully this year should be even better than last now that i have far better bike that what i started last year with and now i have a whole new group of riding buddies to ride with whenever they are up in scotland or i am down in england/wales.

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