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entry Aug 14 2009, 10:30 PM
Went out to the local jump spot, which is basically just a lot of bomb holes. I spent a few minutes sessioning the easiest jump there, getting back into the swing of things, then moved on to the next spot, which was basically a tabletop with a very short top and a very long downslope- the only limit to the amount of air you'd get was how fast you hit it. After doing that a few times I moved on again to check out the two bigger features. One was a drop which I was disappointed to find had been changed so you could either roll it or drop a long way (used to be drop a little way or drop a long way). I rolled it once, then dropped it, muchos fun but a lot further than I remembered- it used to feel about 1 foot but was more like 6 (downslopes rock), now it feels 3 or 4 foot to the same downslope, I can't wait to measure it, though it's probably not much more than 8 foot.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only feature that had been altered. My nemesis, an (apparently, it looked bigger TBH) 17 foot drop which I really wanted to hit had been changed to a "holy crap" steep section, with little in the way of drops. So, because it was now much easier and it was my birthday and I was 19 and 19 year olds don't get seriously injured, everyone knows that, I hit it. And it felt crazy. I didn't bother pulling on the bars at all as I went over the edge of this vertical drop, and got the "oh cow, OTB!" feeling, but that vanished as my front wheel hit the steeps, and I shoved my arse even further back, popping the front wheel oh so slightly higher with my body weight. The vertical section ended and went to a "really steep" section, and then I came out the bottom doing about a million mph, ragged as hell but alive and still on the bike. It was epic =)

It's the steeps right behind me. For once, the photo does do it justice smile.gif

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post Aug 15 2009, 09:53 AM
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That bombhole really does look like a whole load of fun!

Wish you'd blog more Jarl - you still racing?
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post Aug 15 2009, 10:12 AM
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TBH, I can only blog when I ride and I really haven't been riding much at all recently- getting out for an hour to practice wheelies, bunnyhops and farting round is quite a big event for me nowadays sad.gif

Haven't been racing over the summer, but I can't wait to get back to Bath and hit up the unrideables and also get myself into a couple more DH races, they're so much fun agree.gif

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