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Full Version: Ultimate 5"ish Trail bike
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My friend was asking me last night advice for a new bike, im pretty happy with my Blur LT but whats your ultimate money no object 5"ish trail bike ?
Mad Pierre
My Cove Hustler smile.gif

user posted image

MBR actually have a useful and relevant review this month - Cove Hustler, Orange 5, Turner 5 Spot & Ellsworth Epiphany all with the same build.

When I bought the Cove I narrowed it down to the Ellsworth and the Cove and plumped for the Cove (obviously).
Hustler is a nice bike, whats max forks you can put up front ? Is it 68 degree head angle ?
Whyte 46 are pricey, so must be something good about them.
Agreed Rivington I Borrowed One From Work Once An Did Hodge Close A Nice Ride On It And Just Fell In Love With It!.. Great Bike But Like You Said Very pricey!.. You Get What you pay for tho!

If you're not counting every gram, then the Rocky Mountain ETSX should be a consideration. I love mine, but when they beefed up the front triangle to fix some failure problems, it became too heavy to race. Still, at 27.5 pounds, it's a respectable all mountain bike with excellent trail manners and good efficiency. I can't compare it to anything in the class, since when I made the comparison in 2003, it was to other 4" travel bikes (Yeti AS-R, Klein Palamino, Specialized FSR) and it was a 4.5" bike that stood out. I now have the 5", but it's the only 5" I've ridden.
Spill the Beans Phil what do you get for such a expensive bike .. apart from it looks the dogz ? tongue.gif
I have the Whyte 46 (6" travel) and a Whyte 19 (hardtail). I have yet to buy the Whyte E5 (5" travel) and can't see it happening in the near future. I would like one though smile.gif The Whytes all come with a good spec and are actually good value for money if you add it up and desire that level of components.
Excuse my ignorance, but what's the difference between the two, apart from the 5" or 6" travel? Is one an enduro or is there something else? It seems strange to have two bikes so closely specced if they are doing the same thing.
The E5 is more of an light weight XC/Enduro bike where the 46 is "all mountain". The components are very similar but the E5 has the single crown SC32 (the 46 has DUC32 triple clamp) forks and carbon fibre swingarm. The 07 models have a different fork and super bling options too. And of course there is 25mm suspension difference at both ends and different geometry.
Thank you. One day, maybe.
I have yet to ride an E5. I think I will take one for a spin on an up coming demo day but unless I win the lottery cannot see one being added to the stable. I am sure they are a quite different bike out on the trail and would suffice for most people on most trails, too much suspension can ruin a ride imo :duel:
i know that it isn't 5 inch of travel, not far off (4.2 inch) but the giant trance rides as good as any 5 inch bike
I was thinking that 6" would be far too much supspension for my limited abilities. I've only got 4" at present and have no plans at present to change, but looking at the Whytes in LBS certainly makes the juices drool. (Maybe one day I'll borrow a demo bike from Rusty's place for a bit of a blow)
There seems to be a bit of a debate at present as to whether more than 4" is really needed for general XC type stuff. Certainly I won't be doing any big drop offs, or fast loose downhill stuff, and even though I'm over 6'2" and proportionately heavier than most I never take up all the travel that I've got. The Lakes weekend routes are typical of my sort of rides.
Having said all that the manufacturers seem to be all heading towards 5" in their latest models. Maybe it's just a way of persuading us all that we need to spend some mor emoney on a new bike.
don't think i would change my trance for a couple of years, can't see me finding a better bike for me at the moment, very balanced machine and even with 4.2 inchs, which is more than enough travel.
3rd and 4th of March is a demo day at Wheelbase RP, give one a spin 8)
Excellent. I'll work towards that. Thanks again.
Mine is

<------there biggrin.gif
Mad Pierre
Hustler is a nice bike, whats max forks you can put up front ? Is it 68 degree head angle ?

Sorry been away for a long weekend so only just got round to a reply.

The Hustler has a 67.5 degree head angle and is designed around a suggested 125mm fork. Theres no max mentioned but most of the pictures you see (even in Cove adverts) have Pikes or similar on.

I'm running a 140mm Pike fine. The RS forks are low in height for their travel but i reckon you'd get away with any fork from 125 - 150 on it no problem. I wouldn't want anything lower than the Pike myself but I like slack angles. It feels steep with that on compared to my other (freeride) bikes.

Full specs available here
The one thats tested in this months Dirt came from the importers with a 150mm fork and they seem to like it (for an overpriced Kona :wink: )
The one thats tested in this months Dirt came from the importers with a 150mm fork and they seem to like it (for an overpriced Kona :wink: )

laugh.gif laugh.gif
Mad Pierre
The one thats tested in this months Dirt came from the importers with a 150mm fork and they seem to like it (for an overpriced Kona :wink: )

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

You're just jealous of my lovely bike! :shock:

Seriously - a Kona Dawg with similar spec to mine would cost about the same as mine did for me to build. Although they look similar - they are pretty different when you get down to the detail. And the hustler has a whole quarter of an inch more travel!
Heavy D
I've had my Cannondale Prophet for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed it.

I like the fact that I can change the geometry of the bike to suit the kind of ride I'm doing. After a few rides in XC setting, swithching to FR really makes you feel like ripping it up.

Like most people, my experience of different bikes is limited, but I find my bike to be a 140mm front and rear bike which behaves just as well on a DH course in the alps, as it does on my local rides. D.
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