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The Karrimor

Recommended accomodation less than 3 miles from Coed y Brenin:

(0 miles) A long ride of just over 20 miles this is one for the scenery lovers. The route begins the same as the Red Bull on the steep switchbacks leading straight up from the visitor centre car park. Crossing the small tarmac road on to a rock forest road (straight ahead) then this levels out before a short rocky pitch and narrows to single track leading up to a junction with the corner of a forest road. Turn right on here for a moderately steep climb. 

Click on the picture for a better view & more info. log jump
This road is currently being improved (which is not a bad thing, the loose rocks used to suck the life out of you) Ignore the first left turning, take the second left which is just after a slight dip then short climb. This final doubletrack stage of the climb is about 500 yards to the corner of a small section of forest with a post pointing you left in to the singletrack. This relatively new section has a couple of short climbs and some of Daffyd's trade mark tight turns as well as embedded rocks (there to help water run off the trail) which are best ridden straight over for the fastest line. The tricky climb with a sharp left turn is best ridden by picking your front wheel up on to the rock as you turn (you'll need a low gear for this). The singletrack exits on to the same forest road further down so turn left and large it down the bumpy turns then after a rise turn left for a fast run for 100 yards. 


(3 miles) Bear left and be prepared to jump as you enter this narrower section, stay to the right of the trail then brake after 50 yards for the 90 degree left on to Snap Crackle and Pop. Snap begins with a 10 foot climb which is difficult to carry your momentum on to (due to the sharp turn and pot hole) then hike your front wheel over the water dip and bounce down this first boulder trail. A good enough excuse on their own for a full sus. bike Daffyd is in the process of smoothing over some of the worst of it. Broken in to 3 sections by forest roads (hence the names) Crackle is the shortest ending with a steep drop on to the road. Pop is a lot smoother than before now, but still watch out for a deceptive tree in the middle of your line!

Pop drop's you on to a shale forest road. Turn left down this and after a short climb and descent on a swoopy section hang a right at the T junction. An earth surfaced road leads down over rain bars and a cattle grid before turning to tarmac and dropping steeply to a death defying hairpin left bend.

I overshoot this everytime and end up in the wood. The tarmac s-bendsdown the hill tempting more over-shoots then ends abruptly at a gate leading on to the main road.

Click on the picture for a better view & more info. red bull pic
(4.4 miles) Turn right on to the road and go to a tarmac left turn at

(4.9 miles) go over the cattle grid leading in to Ty'n-y-groes picnic area (don't ask me how to say that). Turn immediately right, up the steep tarmac road and follow the road for 0.25 miles to a singletrack climb on the left. This is a classic piece of trail which proves that singletrack can impress even when there's a lot of climbing. Carry as much speed as you can from the road on to the first pitch, fly up the routes and wheelie over the smooth rock step. A short, wet bumpy section follows with a 'not as slippery as it looks' solid rock hairpin. We've never seen anyone fall off this and have no desire to. Granny up the next 20 metre climb then directly right round the tree for a short drop on narrow trail. several short climb's and drops with more roots and rocks than some would like are followed by a nasty short pitch with rock and root which is the main technical challenge. It ends in a burst of speed with a small stream to jump.

  stream jump

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Llys Ednowain Hostel Coed y Brenin

Accomodation close to Coed y Brenin. Sleeps 18 people in 4 centrally heated rooms, en suite with showers, with linen and duvets provided. The accommodation offers a private car park, fully equiped kitchen, computers, washing machine and dryer.

e-mail :


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