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CVI shock servicing

Shock service for Risse and all other shocks. Tel: 01405 760030 (UK) or e-mail:

Mojo Shock Servicing

Get your Fox shock serviced by the boys who know how. Tel 01633 615815

EBC Disk Brake Pads

Buy the best disk brake pads online. Available for all popular brands.


The official SealSkinz website, find out about and then buy the very best waterproof socks and gloves.

bike nashbar

A good shop site for bargains.


An even better shop for bargains!

Deep Cove Bike Shop

Very cool bike shop from North Vancouver


Check out the Avid mechanical (shown here) and hydraulic disks.

Avid are making impressive claims for their mechanical disk.


The site runs a bit slowly, but these guys make some decent kit.

Loads of UK manufacturer links.

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