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The Nan Bield Pass route     Page 1

About time we did another route in the Lake District. This one is a high mountain adventure, with the toughest and longest carrying section of any of our routes. if you hate carrying your bike up loose rocks and indeed solid rock, don't do it. For the hardy minority who like to push their limits, the rewards include some of the best descents and scenery in the lakes. Another advantage is the relative accessibility of the starting point at Stavely near Kendal. We made it easily from Leicester in just over two and a half hours, something of a novelty for a Lakes route.

Total distance 23 miles

To open map link click on 'show'. To change to OS map select halfway between + and - on map size selector.

461 984 show Dead end road Stavely.
444 992 show Right, on to Bridleway.
450 035 show Descent towards Kentmere Hall
483 045 show Descent to Longsleddale.
474 093 show Top of Gatescarth Pass.
457 101 show Small Water.
464 057 show Descent from Overend.

Where is Stavely?

1. (0 miles)
The route starts on the dead end road at the far end of Staveley. To reach this by car take the second Staveley turn off and then the first left. Park here and start the ride at the dead and by continuing on the cycle track towards Windemere. Continue along the cycle track (on pavement of A591) for 1.1 miles to a right turn up Grassgarth Lane. A short steep climb brings you on tarmac to:

2. (1.4 miles) Turn right on to a grassy track with a wooden sign marked Public Bridleway. Follow this double/singletrack up to a gate and go straight on (1.7 miles). Carry straight on bearing left slightly past farm buildings. Follow double track as it bears left and then go straight on at (2.6 miles) this leads to a T junction at

3. (2.9 miles) bear right here and follow to gates at (3.25 miles) go right through metal gate and in to grassy field (signposted Public Bridleway Kentmere). This trail soon becomes an obvious single/doubletrack following the wall on your left and passing straight through two gates. Bear right slightly from singletrack climb at 


4. (3.6 miles) on to a stony doubletrack which crosses a ford at (3.8 miles). Go through the gate at the other side, up short steep climb and follow the obvious trail through a further gate to a fast, rocky descent heading down in to Kentmere. Once at the bottom of here continue on road past Kentmere Hall, turning left immediately after stone walled bridge, B+B signpost says 'Maggs Howe'. Up steep tarmac, bear right twice, look for gate on left signed Bridleway to Longsleddale via Cocklaw Fell. Up steep tarmac, bear right twice, look for gate on left signed Bridleway to Longsleddale via Cocklaw Fell.

5. (6.1 miles)
Bear left following clearest singletrack across Fell, passing through wooden gate at (6.7 miles). Attempt dry-foot bog crossing then through gate with stile at (7.1 miles). Now you're heading down the left flank of Longsleddale, trail bears left and joins rocky doubetrack going right through gate at (8.1 miles). When you reach the farm at the bottom bear right and cross the hump back bridge over the river then turn left up the valley.

6. (8.5 miles)
his is Longsleddale. Head straight on up the track which starts as loose rock then becomes increasingly steep with 'edge on' cobbles. Go straight on through two gates the second of which may be locked. Soon the track gets really steep and all but the best will have to push for most of it. The top is reached at 11 miles. Bear right after another gate to begin the descent towards Haweswater Reservoir. Cross style/gate near bottom then follow trail round to right almost reaching the car park. Look for sign at corner of wall on left of trail pointing left, almost doubling back signposted Bridleway Kentmere.

This trail begins as a rideable and quite promising singletrack, goes through a gate and quickly becomes more unrideable on it's way up to Small Water. Just keep going until you reach the Lake, there are no more obvious tracks to follow. Once you reach the lake > Next Page

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