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Nant yr Arian Route page 1

Another classic ride from Paul Davies

Total distance for Route 24K (15 miles) Landranger 135 Aberystwyth and Machynlleth.

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1.  718 813  show Car park.
2.  723 823  show Rough double track. 
3.  729 863  show South of lake.
4.  730 871  show Technical downhill.
5.  709 838  show Llyn Pendam.
6.  688 853  show Farm junction.
Where is Nant yr Arian?
Plynlimon Tourism Site For local information.
Accommodation nearby

Nant yr Arian Forestry Visitor Centre is 12 miles east of Aberystwyth on the main A44 road. I predict that this is going to be the next big development in mountain biking in Wales. Mick Ives, the CTC Off road development officer and Dafydd Davies of Coed y Brenin fame are both involved. In a months time two wilderness mountain bike routes will be way-marked and the team of five full time trail makers will complete an 8-mile challenging and technical singletrack (now completed!) in the woods a few months after.
The now sadly defunct Maximum Mountain Bike magazine ran an article on Route A The Big Un which is a monster 43km, 5-6 hour challenge ride. Rough photocopies of both routes may be available from the cafe, which serves great coffee and cakes, at the Visitor Centre.

However, Route B, is open and it's one of the finest 15 mile mountain bike rides in Mid-Wales. Start at the upper second car park on the left. This is long stay and costs 1. Don't park next to the visitor centre as they feed Red Kites in the afternoon, which is a big attraction for short stay visitors. Start up the tarmac road away from the car park and take the rough forest road bearing a little to the right. Climb up here to the brow of the hill and you will see a rough double track going off to the right. 


Magic ford?
Follow this across open moor land and I guarantee that in 10 minutes you will feel that you are in the back of beyond. The scenery on a good day is stunning. Continue down pleasantly to the hidden minor tarmac road and turn left. Go through a gate and follow the road around to the right and over a short steep bit to the first small lake- Llyn Blaenmelindwr. Keep to the right side of lake and climb up ignoring tracks on left and right and follow rough road to the beautiful Llyn Syfydrin, which will be on your left. Continue along the stony track around the lake and blast along here in this very remote area. You will come to a ford with a footbridge on the left. The ford is do-able. This section is magic and good for the soul. Soon you will come to a ruined farmhouse, up a small rise and you will see a wide stony track going right off the main track .Follow this to Nant y Moch reservoir. 

Turn left and follow the road on the south side of the reservoir until just past the end of the water, you will see a rough wide road leading off to the left (Bridleway sign). Go up here and switch on the technical apparatus, because the next mile, especially if wet, is tricky. Monster puddles, Slick slabs of rock, flood channel berms, loose baby head rocks. Terrific. You are at a T-junction of tracks (if you turn left you will soon join the outward track and a quick way back to the centre). Turn right, through the gate and start the well graded and surfaced climb up the Col. If only all off road climbs were this well maintained fighting gravity could be a pleasure! > Page 2  

Page 2
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