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The Peak to Peak : Route Guide
Total distance 37.0 Km (23 miles) Grid references and map links from: OS Outdoor Leisure 1 The Dark Peak.

To open map link click on 'show'. To change to OS map select halfway between + and - on map size selector.
1.  114 794 show Start on Church Lane
2.  133 806 show Gate joining Limestone way.
3.  161 824 show Bottom of Pindale
4.  171 848 show Fullwood Stile Farm
5.  160 877 show Top of 'The Beast'
6.  163 890 show Cross trail (top of switchbacks)
7.  170 884 show Top of the 'Screaming Mile'
8.  170 897 show Derwent Dam
9.  167 910 show Bottom of Snake Road
10. 161 887 show Hagg Farm
11. Same as 3. Bottom of Pindale.

Where is Peak Forest?
Peak to Peak Article

1. (0 miles) Peak Forest has only one crossroads and the ride begins on the Northward side of this along Church Lane. Follow tarmac road 400 yards to a small group of houses marked 'Old Dam' on the map. Turn right up here (Old Dam Lane) up tarmac climb 500 yards from turn off then take left turn down to small farm. Before the house turn right through the iron gate. This turns immediately North and is a stony farm road (shown below)

On the map this area is marked as Oxlow Dam. Follow up between trees and through two gates for a distance of three quarters of a mile. cresting the top the rutted track drops down to another iron gate which leads out on to grass.

2. (1.3 miles) Turn left here and follow the dry stone wall on your left for half a mile to another metal gate. Turn right here on to light coloured stone quarry road. Follow this road through quarry and bear left on to the Kamikaze (called Dirtlow Rake on the map, must make a note to get OS to change this!). At the end of the Kamikaze join tarmac road for a short downhill section of 200 yards then turn right on to broken tarmac road at line of trees. One hundred yards up here then turn left on to Dentists Grade (see photo below)

Follow down between walls, then straight down through Pindale Valley (a very old abandoned quarry) bearing left slightly on to single track sections as in photo below.

From the bottom of these head straight down past house on left to join a tarmac road at the bottom of Pindale.

3. (3.8 miles) Go straight on down the road for 1 mile in to Hope village. (Turn left for Woodbine Cafe 100 yards on right) Back out of cafe go left 100 yards and turn left opposite church. go 0.8 miles to right bend over stone bridge then carry straight over on to Fullwood Stile Lane. A steep climb on tarmac here, over railway bridge to a left bend at Fullwood Stile Farm. 

4. (5.9 miles) After this bend on to Brinks Road the surface degrades and heads up to an iron gate through and follow up steep bumpy climb. Continue on along here, surface becomes sandy then there is a second climb which is very rocky (but you can make it!). At the top of here is a wooden gate. Go through up short muddy climb then through deep water sections (in winter) to another wooden gate. Go through and up a rocky climb (with footpath alternatives on left border) to another gate with a stile where two bridleways cross. Turn right on here down rutted track to another gate at the corner of a wood, through here and continue on down very rocky trail which is the top of The Beast. (see photo below)

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This is a really top photo of the beast. As with nearly all pictures on MTB Britain, Click on it to see more.
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