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The Pink Heifer : Route
Total distance 28K (16 miles)
OS Outdoor Leisure 18
Start Grid ref. 716278

More local info.
Accommodation log cabin
Video of the best downhill
New Accurate Description
The Sting

The Pink Heifer has been re-routed! Detailed description for now is here

1. (0.0 Km) Start at Coed Y Brennin visitor centre. Go down the entrance road and turn left on to the main A470. Follow for 500m and take the second turning on the right (at the orange emergency phone). Follow the forest road to a junction on the left with a minor forest road. Turn sharp left up this and follow for 200m to a singletrack which crosses the forest road (this is a downhill of the Karrimor route for you to ride up, marked with a blue karrimor post pointing down).

Dragons Tail

2. (2.0 Km) Get in a low gear! turn right uphill on this singletrack and see if you can make it up this to the forest road without a dab! top of this single track joins a forest road at post 33 (and another Karrimor post). Turn left and go 200m to a right fork up a wet overgrown double track. At the top of this turn left on to shaley double track for 100 yards then bear right up forest road.

3. (4.3 Km) This forest road climbs for about 50 yards then as it levels out go across the grass to the right following the tree line (the start of this trail is marked with a 4 foot post bearing a black engraved A). This grassy track goes in to the wood (marked with another A post) and becomes boggy, if you can ride through this you're pretty good! bear right as the left fork is a dead end. This whole woody bit is only 300 yards then after some more tricky roots you come out on another forest road. Turn left on this and get in your big ring. Hairpin left after 200 yards then hairpin right after another 250 yards - if you can slow down enough! 

4. (5.6 Km) hairpin left again then curves right to a stone bridge over river. Across river forest road goes straight 100 yards to lumpy single track dead ahead in to wood (marked with a white topped post at the moment but this may not be permanent).

Stop Press: Forestry work has cleared this area and the trail is now across open ground. Go straight ahead as before then after 10 yards bear right on to the single track across the felled area. This follows a straight line as below.

Follow this slippery off camber single track which climbs steeply after 200 yards then steep downhill 50 yards to a junction with a loose rocky forest road. Turn right on this with your weight back and lay off the front brake for the next 300 yards - you have been warned! At the bottom cross the bridge straight ahead.

5. (6.6 Km) Go straight up gritty forest road to a junction with the broad forest road which follows the river. Go right along this for 500 yards or so to post 20 at a left fork. Go left up the fork and follow up long climb to junction on your right with a rocky downhill (post 12) Go down this round a couple of bends till you see a fork to your left going back uphill (this is about half way down so don't miss it! - marked with post 11 concealed on fork) 

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DANGEROUS PATH SIGN News Flash: This path has been partly repaired and is now passable with caution.

Flash: a flash flood has collapsed the bridge at one end see CyB News for picture

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