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Recommended Stuff

SealSkinz - The new improved product from the makers of Porelle Dry socks, these are the ones to be wearing this winter! 

Also see our full review of SealSkinz waterproof socks and gloves

Crud catcher - Keeps the mud off your glasses so you can see where you're going, DUH!
Motocross Goggles - I never knew the risk of getting something in my eyes, was affecting my downhill performance until I tried these. Lenseman swears by them after a nasty crash where they saved the upper half of his face from matching the carnage of the lower. They're great for keeping the cold/wind/rain off most of your face in the winter. Sometimes they get too greasy and wet with rain to use on a downhill. This is the only downside we can think of. See below for anti-misting.
Motor Bikers Anti-Mist - Ask for this in a specialist motorbike shop and then spray a small blob on the inside of your goggles. Wipe around gently with a piece of kitchen roll. The idea is to leave the surface wet, not to polish off. This will much reduce fogging in cold weather and the tiny can lasts a very long time. Always wash both sides of your goggles before you go out with a tiny blob of washing up liquid on a piece of wet kitchen towel. Then use a damp, followed by dry towel, to get a grease free finish. Take care not to rub hard at dry mud, as this will scratch the plastic. Most MX goggle straps are long enough to go on the outside of your helmet. You need to tie the strap on at the back though. We use black shoe lace threaded through the nearest vents on both sides at the rear and cut short. Zip ties are good if they don't dig in to your noggin. We don't use a visor so you can push the goggles up on the front of the helmet when not using them (e.g. on summer climbs) remember to push the straps up at the sides as well, so that the silicon gripper is on the helmet, or the goggles may slip in to your eyes on a bumpy downhill - this can be very nasty! Hope this doesn't sound like too much hassle, but you really do need clear vision, the way we ride mountain bikes.
Tie the strap of your goggles on to the back of your helmet. This way you won't loose them. That can happen pretty quickly otherwise.
Track Pump - I did without one for ten years (expensive waste of money on a luxury for wimps with no arm muscles) DOH! Wrong again. A track pump will let you set your exact riding pressure every time, therefore saving you a fortune in pinch punctured tubes. Anyway I managed to find one for 15 with an alloy barrel that works a treat. I prefer 45 PSI both ends for the rocky trails we ride. Track pumps are well worth it. They can be found from as little as 15
Car Bumper Silicon Spray - this is great for shining up your paintwork in 5 seconds and making black plastic e.g. Crud Catcher look new. We get it for 1 a can from a Leicester Pound-a-time store. Just spray the whole bike except the rims/grips/pedals then a quick wipe with some kitchen roll (no need to buff) and bob's your mother's brother! (sorry if this doesn't translate well)
An A3 sized piece of flexible plastic - (say what?) I have a flexible nylon board I put up behind the chain when I use spray lubes. Don't ask me where I got it, I can't remember but it is a great way of keeping lube off the rear rim and tyre where they do most harm. Then I peddle the bike backwards slowly and blast the grit out of the chain with GT85. This gets loads of grit out even after using a chain cleaning machine.
A tube of Crest toothpaste - (Now I know he's lost the plot!) use all the toothpaste just like your dentist told you, then snip off both ends and slit along one side. You'll be amazed how much more toothpaste is in there.... now keep this in your pack. (The plastic not the toothpaste dumbdumb) I guarantee this is the best tyre boot ever, just push it inside the tyre (behind the cut) as you hook the tyre back on the rim. See the piece on tyre repair on this site at Mend a torn MTB tyre. Carry one at all times. I guarantee it will weigh less than 0.001 grammes, or there abouts... Update: toothpaste tubes are a-changing. Allan White helpfully points out that aluminium takeaway food containers also make a useful tyre boot, if you have pump dispensers for your dental hygiene...
NiMH batteries - four of these and a charger can be bought from e.g. Jessops photography for 14 and they rock! These are the longest lasting rechargeables by far. They also seem to have none of the vices of Nicads i.e. they can be charged from half way etc. (a tip for refreshing Nicad's by the way, put in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight then charge as normal, you'll be amazed).

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