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led_light_helmetCheap, Bright Helmet Light
The light that breaks the rule that says 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is'. Five hundred Lumens for 40? Some mistake surely?
Finisterre Merino Base Layer Review
A value Merino wool base layer that won't rock the world but will help keep you warm.
Lake District Mountain Biking Essential Trails

A useful book for those heading to the Lake District for some of the best natural trails in Great Britain.

Gravity Dropper Seatpost Review

Pointless automation or the best upgrade a well sorted bike could have? We long term test the Gravity Dropper Automatic raise/lower seatpost.

Lupine Edison 5 Mountain Bike Light

Lupines are the most expensive HID lights out there. Are they worth the extra?

Endura Air Defence Jacket

Find out why this should be your next jacket and they don't pay us to say so! 

The Mountain Biker's Training Bible

Prayer won't get you to the top of the hill first but maybe this book will. How a scientific training plan can help you get you the best results you've ever had.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Can this book make you a better mountain biker? Brian Lopes says it can.

MET Para-chute Helmet

Mountain bikers have an alarming tendency to crash face first. Fast forward to twenty miles an hour and your local Orthodontist will be getting quite excited. Curtail his profits by wearing one of these.

Gaerne Polar Winter mountain bike boots

Got cold feet? There is a better solution.

Spinergy Xyclone Wheels

Lighter, stronger and low maintenance, where's the catch?

Hopey Steering Damper

The ultimate fork upgrade?

Aquapac Classic waterproof PDA bag

Ultimate navigation and ultimate weather protection, nice.

Gear Buddy Replacement Mech Hanger

Available soon, this is a cheap little ride saver everyone should carry.

Cycle Dynamics Titanium Chainrings

Beat chain suck and save money.

Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals

Are these the best ever clipless mountain bike pedals? Read the review to find out.

Hi-Tech Biker

The holy grail of navigation is here!
Plus helmet video how-to


Dainese Freestyle Leg Guards

Can you ride XC in them?
Do they work?

Freeride Review

A roundup of some of the best of the big hitters, that can still be pedalled to the top of the hill.


Tubeless System

Without the punctures, weight or high price!

Wheel Roundup

Wheel advice, from super light to seriously strong.

Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

 things the magazines won't tell you, including the truth about Porelle Dry socks!

Component Awards MTB Britain Component Awards

The very best components for really hard mountain biking.

The best mountain bikes in the world?

We reveal who consistently makes the best mountain bikes. 


Sealskinz waterproof socks


Pendle Wheel Support Rack

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