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Ride Climbing Difficulty Downhill Difficulty Overall Rating 

New Pink Heifer

The monster and as yet unmarked route for downhill afficianado's at Coed y Brenin




 Climbing Mostly on forest roads





Not for the faint hearted!





(yes, six stars)


Red Bull

The shorter and more famous route for rocky downhills at Coed y Brennin

Climbing Downhill Overall


A lot of climbs for a short route. Steep right from the start.




Only the final descent is really difficult




A lot of ride in a short distance


The Karrimor

Long cross country route

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


Very long climbs, one for the XC boys and girls



Except Hermon for which:

The Hermon is superb, but better ridden as part of the Heifer




A lot of climbing unless you use the short cut


Swaledale Round Route

A fantastic route for lovers off high speed off road descents and scenery. (This one has a long road section unless you back-track).

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



Not too bad if the wind is with you. One full-on steep carry and one fairly big push unless you're a top pro.





With the emphasis on high speed and a couple of short but very sweet singles.




Well worth doing if Muker is not too far away for you. 

Nan Bield Pass Route

One of the toughest carry/push routes in the Lake District and some of the best descending in the UK.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



This is going to hurt you, even if you're pretty fit. Lots of pushing and a long carry to the top of the pass up boulders...





Crikey this is a bit special!




Only our second six star rating ever. 

Rhayader Round

Two of the best downhills in Wales

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



Some pushing for the mortals among us.





One incredible singletrack (twice) and one amazing double.




Like most of our routes this is a lot better than your average.

Gwydyr Marin North Mountain Bike Trail

More scenic beauty than super-technical but great views and unique singletrack make this an essential route.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



A long forest road climb to the first descent.





Not super technical quite unique in character.




Let us know if you don't love it. We do.

Cwmcarn Mountain Bike Trail

A short 8 mile loop, but loads of other local XC and downhill trails.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



A long singletrack climb to the first descent.





Not super technical but very spectacular.




Well worth the relatively short drive from England.

Machynlleth Mach 3

Real mountain biking for real mountain bikers

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


Ouch. But worth it.





Look out for CyB style singletrack route in 2002.



A proper mountain bike ride.

Nant yr Arian

Not far from Machynlleth and CyB - Miles from anywhere...

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


but one climb that's a 




A tasty downhill or two.



Check out the picture on the left...

Nant yr Arian Bike Trail

Combine with a wilderness ride for a full weekend

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 




All in one big ouch.





Fast and furious.





Superb if you include the doubletrack.

Stretton 1

A good morning route for anyone within a hundred miles of the place

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


Steep climbs on this one



A couple of good downhills on this short route.




Do this one before lunch, Stretton 2 after.

Stretton 2

This ride has the world famous Minton Batch valley descent - don't miss it!


Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


Just the 1 climb, but it's pretty unforgiving



Not too difficult till you go as fast as we do. Lot's of bad line choices for the inexperienced. Tip - stay high on the left



Singletrack heaven on a mile long descent

The Peak to Peak

More perforations than Tetley - The Kamikaze of the peaks a fewf winters ago. Read the article to find out about the ride. Then check out the route guide

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



Er... 6 huge climbs and the last ones a killer, some pushing unless you have Tim Gould's legs




Only one really difficult descent but it's a corker, the others are all long and fast. Check out the article for inspiration




The memory of the descent's will stay with you


Afan Forest

Very accessible by fast roads to the South of England...

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


The climbs on this ride are pretty easy except for 'The Wall' for which




Some amazing single track stretches, if not as much single track as Coed-y-Brenin




Loads of potential and sweet single track.


Climbing  Downhill  Overall 


Distance and soft conditions when wet are the real killer on this one.



Some fast and some dangerous descending, with the best saved till the end.



If you like your routes long, tough and remote you'll love this.

The Wayfarer

A readers ride in North Wales.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 

Again distance is the hard part.




A more gentle route for the scenery loving trail rider.

Leanachan Forest

Scottish downhill course with cable car that will take bikes

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 

Push now, ride later!

Cable car open soon.


Rocky and narrow in parts


For Downhill types.

Glenfinglass Circuit
A fatastic scenic route only 25 miles north of Glasgow.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 










Wharncliffe Woods
A 10 mile way-marked cross country route and superb downhills/singletrack.

Climbing  Downhill  Overall 



Some tough climbs on a circuit that makes the most of the hills.




Very, very good downhills - don't forget to print out the feature so you'll know how to find them!



With downhills to rival Coed y Brenin in the Summer. In the winter this is a clay wood...

Guide To Star Ratings

Not good/hard enough for us

Still not good/hard enough for us


Very Good/Hard

Do it or miss out/Very hard

The best there is/Dangerous

Llys Ednowain Hostel Coed y Brenin

Accomodation close to Coed y Brenin. Sleeps 18 people in 4 centrally heated rooms, en suite with showers, with linen and duvets provided. The accommodation offers a private car park, fully equiped kitchen, computers, washing machine and dryer.

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