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Spinergy XYClone disc wheel set    Review By Ben Freeman

Spinergy XYClone disc wheel set. $500 for the pair, this is around £270 plus shipping from the US.

What are they?
Spinergy claim they are the lightest MTB disc wheel set available and explain their superior performance with: 'Through the use of PBO fiber, our MTB wheels are able to withstand impacts 25% greater than traditional wheels, and up to 50% greater than other lightweight wheels. Since PBO spokes are up to 5 times stronger than steel spokes, rim strength is not sacrificed for weight savings. '

Is it true?
Well as far as I can ascertain ' yes and as I now own 2 sets of these wheels and having been using them every weekend for the last 2 years on different bikes, I can say with some certainty that they are significantly stronger than standard MTB wheels (e.g. Mavic 717 rims).

I originally bought these wheels as I was beefing up the brakes on my Cannondale Scalpel and wanted to shave the extra weight (due to the brakes) off from some where else. As these were the lightest disc wheel set available for MTBs, I went for the Spinergys and have never looked back. In two years and over 1000 miles of solid off road abuse, including many snake bite punctures, two ripped tyres, and two high speed crashes they are still running true and fine on the original bearings with no problems whatsoever ' but the Scalpel is a XC bike, so its not a tough test I hear you say.......

Last year I acquired a Marin Attack Trail which came with Hope hub / Mavic 717 rim wheels, as a 6' rear travel bike it can go considerably faster down hill than the Scalpel on rocky routes and within a month I'd turned the rear wheel into a 50 pence piece. So I swapped it for a Spinergy XYClone and not only is it lighter than the Hope / Mavic wheels, it is considerably stronger ' 9 months later the bike has been down steeper and faster descents than the 1st month, but the Spinergy rear wheel is perfectly true and running smoothly on its original bearings.

What do they cost?
Well this is the downside, UK list price is £350 for the rear and £250 for the front. However, you can buy them mail order from the States for $500 including shipping, which works out at about £250 a pair, which is a bit more reasonable.

What do they really weigh?
Well my wheels weigh: front 772g, rear 902g including rim tape & quick releases, which is pretty close to the claimed 1.61 kg for a pair.

What are the downsides?
They are not tubeless compatible (if that is a downside). Replacement spokes are 6 each (not that I've damaged one yet) and you really need to get them trued / rebuilt by someone who is used to them as the tensions are very different to traditional rigid spoke wheels.

Where can I find out more?

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